We aim to positively impact the environment wherever we operate and achieve sustainability along our supply chains.

Why this matters

Being part of a world-leading agriculture network, we are aware that our global operations can have both direct and indirect impacts on the environment.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we operate and to improve environmental sustainability of agricultural production and supply at every stage of our supply chain.

Our approach

We manage our environmental plans in line with our global Health, safety, environment and community policy, which is based on international and industry standards.

This policy defines how to mitigate, manage or eliminate environmental risk; and determines environmental plans and management systems.

Read more about our global business' approach to environment.

Responsible sourcing – sustainable soy certification

As global food systems become increasingly dependent on soy as a source of protein it continues to be a commodity associated with deforestation risk.

We recognise the important role of agricultural commodities in addressing climate change, including eliminating deforestation, and are focused on continuously increasing the amount of sustainably certified soybean meal we import into New Zealand.

As the soybean meal we import is sourced from Viterra’s processing facility in Argentina, we are able to utilise vertical integration for traceability along the supply chain from the grower to our customer.

Building on this, we have worked with our global business to implement a sustainability certification programme for soybean meal.

The certification declares the commodity has successfully completed a third party verification process to assure it is non-deforested and compliant with Viterra's human rights policy commitments.

Green office

As well as focussing on responsible sourcing and the environmental impacts of our supply chain, our employees have embraced Viterra’s environmental focus and are making changes to their personal and professional lives.

Our team have run a carbon emission reducing contest and planting day as well as introduced new recycling and reusing initiatives, and switched to sustainable utilities at our offices.

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